Wednesday, 5th December 2001 - Day 111

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Hello again everybody. I must say that I have been dreaming about those injections that I am supposed to get but maybe they have forgotten all about me as I have not seem anybody bearing needles today.. I will keep my fingers crossed and try to keep quiet, so they do not know I am here !!!!!

Daddy is away today, so I am not very happy and desaturate quiet a lot in the afternoon which made Mummy a little concerned, my alarms kept going off much more than they have recently. But really it was all to get her attention a bit more as Daddy is not coming to see me as when she left I got better and did not desaturate so much. She came back later and tried her suffocating trick again, but this time I was ready for her and fed quiet well.

No sign of that humidifier either so I am still not allowed out into a cot. It is just not fair, when will I get to be like the other babies !!!!! Otherwise the only thing of note to happen was that I was weighed again and guess what, I am over that 3kg mark now at

3078 gms or 6lb 13oz

I wonder if Daddy will buy me something for being such a clever little girl and carrying on growing at such an exceptional rate. I am sorry about the shortness of today's notes but really nothing has happened today to report so lets hope something new happens tomorrow that would be worthwhile telling you all about. See you soon...

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