Thursday, 4th October 2001 - Day 49

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Hello again, I am now even closer to my half century, tomorrow is the day. I must admit I do seem to be able to have a few celebrations, 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 1 month, 50 days.... I wonder of this happens for ever !!!!!

You may be able to see from some of the pitcures below, a new nasal unit. The nurses tried to fit this on today to save the pulling on my nostrils, it is a bit like a very small gas mask. I must admit it does not pull on your nose as much and is more comfortabel to wear than the one with the prongs. However to make it stay on my little nose Daddy had to hold it there all the time. They only had a large one in the hospital and I cannot yet be described as being large at all. One of the nurses said she would try and order a smaller one for me to try. I do hope it fits and stays nicely sealed on my nose as when ever my breating tube is moved I get tugged on the nostrils and in the worst cases it pings out and jabs me in the eyes. Poor little me.....

Mummy and Daddy spent quite a bit of time with me today so I woke up especially so I could see them. Daddy changed my nappy and so did Mummy. No nasty ones today, sorry. Mummy managed to feed me twice which seems to take an age now they are mixing some Gavis,,,, stuff in with my milk (it is supposed to settle my tummy). I lay there sucking away and nothing comes through. Mummy had to push it in with the syringe.

I also got 2 new visitors today, my Uncle Mike and Auntie Becky. I have not been able to see them before so it was good to see some more relations that will help me and look after me as I grow up. They told me that my cousins, Andrew and Amelia cannot wait to see me and play with me. I wonder if they have any toys I can play with ?.

I hope you like the new background for October, I thought that a nice pinky tinge would go nicely with my outfits in the pictures. Unfortunately today I seem to have very little on as I was so hot, however I do look very fetching and baby like in a nice pink babygrow that Mummy found in the clothes cupboard. Those are Daddy's words not mine.

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