Sunday, 4th November 2001 - Day 80

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Welcome back again everyone. I don't think anybody out their believed I would reach this milestone of 80 whole days old when we started out on this adventure, but all I can say is that I am a little fighter and can nearly feel all those prayers that everybody tells me they are saying for me which just keeps me going that bit extra. However fingers crossed everything is still progressing well and everybody including the doctors say how well I am doing so that is always good.

Today, since around midnight last night has been quite eventful really, I was allowed off of my CPAP unit early in the morning and was OK for a few hours, however when the nurses tried to put the CPAP back on I had one of my funny five minutes again and cried and cried until they took pity on me and took it back off again. I am getting big now and I know best !!!! However after another few hours, after 6 off of the CPAP I was so tired that I let them put it back on again and slept for the rest of the morning until Mummy and Daddy came to visit at around 1pm. For my first afternoon feed today I was taken out for what I thought would be a nice cuddle with Mummy, off my CPAP. But oh no... the nurse out these small prong things up my nose and they blasted cold oxygen up there, if that was not bad enough Mummy tried to suffocate me again like she tried a few weeks ago. She shoved this thing in my mouth and talked quietly too me. I did not know what to do as I had forgotten since last time we tried this feeding lark. So this made me more hungry as I was not getting my food and I cried and cried for what seemed like ages. Eventually they gave in and fed me through the tube, but it took ages for me to calm down.

I then continued my cuddle with Daddy and lucky for him I relaxed more and more when he cuddled me and calmed down so I was OK and we had a long talk and I stared up at him, he has a very large nose, or it looks like it to me. I can see right up it from where I am lying in his arms. However I stayed like that wrapped up for another hour or so breathing oxygen from this tube he aims at my nose and I eventually went to sleep until they put me back in my room.

I am sorry but I will not be able to provide any more updates until Wednesday when my secretary comes back from a trip to sunny Manchester, so please come back then and I will give you all the latest gossip and news.

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You don't get a lot out of one of these do you, I thought that milk would be forthcoming have people been having me on ?..!!!!!! However it tastes OK and is nice and warm.

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