Friday, 4th January 2002 - Day 141

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Hello again, Abi here... I have spent the majority of the day consolidating my gains of yesterday, so poor Mummy and Daddy have not seen the same staggering gains made yesterday, but I ma now consistently down in the mid 40%'s and easily maintaining my oxygen saturation levels at the correct amount of around 95%. Unfortunately for Mummy she is not yet well enough to cuddle me yet so I am still just getting cuddles from Daddy today.

Only 2 things of note have happened today and they are :-

1 - My feeds have increased to 160ml / kg / day or 75ml every three hours. I will soon be back up to where I was when I started this horrible cold thing.

2 - Somebody, who shall remain nameless, tried to fit me into a hat that was at least 3 sizes too small. Mummy and Daddy came in to see me in the evening and there I was with my hat over my eyes, my CPAP unit wafted vaguely in the vicinity of my mouth, it should of course be up my nose as nicely modeled in the pictures below, and I was all restless which just made matter worse.

Mummy and Daddy soon got it fixed though and I had a great night asleep and having cuddles with the night nurse Karen....what fun we had, I read her book and she held my prongs in. I will soon be an expert in Neo Natal Intensive care nursing, I have had enough practice....

Otherwise today has been very similar to yesterday, with the exception of a lack of progress on the oxygen levels, but all I can do is say that all things come to those that wait, especially those waiting for a little Abigail. Daddy says he hopes it is not a sign of things to come when we all want to go out and he will now have to wait for 2 people instead of one....

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