Wednesday, 3rd October 2001 - Day 48

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I have nearly reached my half century and can celebrate in a couple of days with Mummy and Daddy. I wonder if they will remember to bring me a card and a cake. There is another baby just arrived, in the early incubators. He is bigger than me, even now, and I bet he is younger, it is just not fair. I have not been able to find out any more details as his room is all steamed up and I cannot see them.

Grandma and Grandpa visited me today and said how much I had grown, I am now a whole 942 grams, soon to reach that all important 1kg. It is over a week and a half since they last saw me so that would mean an increase of at least 150gms or over 15% of my body weight. Mummy and Daddy bought me 3 of those tiny Baby grows I mentioned yesterday and so far without even going outside my room I have managed to lose one. I ask you who else would want an, up to 3lb babygrow. I will keep an eye on my other 2 tiny friends just in case it turns up on them.

However I have spent the rest of the day sleeping and getting the nurses to turn me over so I can sleep on my tummy, which I much prefer as my CPAP pipe does not pull my nostrils in the same way and I can then relax better. You should see my nostrils they look as if someone has jammed a pen up them or I have been punched on the nose. I hope they go back to a normal shape when I get rid of the breathing machine.

The pictures below show the nice nest thing I am wrapped up in. It is great fun and very comfortable as it keeps my feet from straying too far. I sleep very well when I am in it, however you may have noticed that I sleep very well anyway so that is not saying much..

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