Saturday, 3rd November 2001 - Day 79

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Well I have a had a relatively quiet day again today, Mummy and Daddy came to visit me for once but for a long time. They told me they were having a fireworks party next door which I would be able to come and see next year, and am sure I would like it. they stayed all afternoon and I was allowed for a really long cuddle, first with Daddy and then later with Mummy and the whole time I was off my CPAP unit. It must have lasted at least 2 hours.

As you can see from my pictures I seem to have become camera shy when they first arrived and tried to tell Daddy I did not want to be photographed. However as usual he does not listen to little me. You wait till he tries to take pictures later, I will run away and hide where he cannot find me. However after a couple of minutes I gave up and joined in as you can see by the later ones.

Mummy was so cruel today, she called me a "Bald Coot". I am not, I have lots of hair that you can all see on my head. She asks me to grow, I thought she meant my body not my hair. That will have to wait until later when there is some energy left over. How cruel can you be.....!!!!!

I am still putting on weight and growing at a nice steady rate, and am nearly at 4lbs which Mummy find incredible. Its all the nice milk I keep getting every 2 hours a day. I am now up to 30ml every 2 hours or 360ml per day. The nurses have managed to sort put my salt additions now so that I do not get so much everytime, but get it more often. This means I am sick less and do not waste any of that milk.

I got quite a shock this morning, one minute I am sound asleep in my room and the next I suddenly wake up and am being given a cuddle. However it was not Mummy or Daddy as I was expecting, but one of the nurses. That was a bit of a shock for me I must say, but luckily for me it was because my room was being changed over again for a nice new clean one. They are much less smelly when they are changed over regularly, and I get nice new sheets and mattress, very cosy.

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Daddy's favourite picture.... below.

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Me smiling on camera properly..... I was thinking Daddy looks funny through one eye !

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