Thursday, 3rd January 2002 - Day 140

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Welcome back everybody, a big day for me today, my oxygen requirement has at last begun to drop. By lunch time it was down to 55% and by the evening down to 50%, with a low of 45% when I was asleep. This seemed to please everybody, including Mummy and Daddy so that is good and I will try and keep it up tomorrow. I must be getting better... I do feel a lot better and more my old self again, I sit and fidget a lot of the time, especially in my room where there is nothing to keep me occupied. They do not make mobiles small enough for a room my size so there is nothing to play with. All my toys were removed just in case they were infected with my virus and have not returned yet from the cleaners (Mummy and Daddy). In addition to this I am back to 3 hourly feeds as well so my tummy is beginning to get full again, at long last after a week and a bit of a starvation diet.

Unfortunately Mummy still has a cold and cannot cuddle me so I have been making do with nice warm cuddles with Daddy, which are good but the conversation does not hold my interest that much. He keeps calling me pretty, cute etc. and that is about it really. I hope he can come up with more interesting stuff when I am older... and that Mummy gets over her cold soon as I am missing her lots.

I was also weighed again today, a drop on the last measure but I was never particularly sure about it.. I now weigh 3617 gms or just under 8lbs in old units. So I am still growing that is the main thing. If they increase my feeds tomorrow maybe I can catch up for lost time.

Sorry about the pictures today, but Mummy decided to try and photograph me during one of my active phases and this led to a number of blurred pictures and these are the best available.... Also I never seem to look my best with CPAP on, so hopefully in the near future that will go to and I will be back to my cute little self.

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