Sunday, 3rd February 2002 - Day 171

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My last day, in hospital......

  !!!! ..... Countdown to Home Day - 1 day ..... HOME TOMORROW..... !!!!

Welcome back to the final full day in the adventures of "Abigail, The Amazing Wonder Baby In Hospital". It continues with the sequel "Abigail, The Amazing Wonder Baby Grows Up". I am snot to sure how to carry on my story once I leave the hospital but I will work it out. Unfortunately today was very like yesterday in that very little has happened really. Mummy and Daddy were woken to feed me at around 4 am and then again at 9 am. The rest of the morning was spent with them in bed, what a lazy pair they seem to be. If it was me I would be up and about as soon as I woke up, but I suppose that there is very little for them to do here in the hospital apart from look at me whilst I sleep. Do you like my Piglet outfit, I am wearing ? I will get to see my room tomorrow, that they have told me so much about with its Winnie the Pooh theme.. I think I look more like Piglet at the moment and do love my little outfits with him on.

I went to sleep just after lunch and Mummy and Daddy took the opportunity to go and get some food shopping in and then came back to feed me at 4pm, just in time as I was waking up again then. We then spent out final night in hospital, eager with anticipation about what was happening tomorrow. I am so excited that I woke up late on in the evening needing a feed and then went back to sleep fully refreshed for the excitement of tomorrow.

See you then..... I cannot believe this is happening....

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