Tuesday, 2nd October 2001 - Day 47

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Hello again I am sorry about yesterday's short daily update, but really nothing happened. Luckily today a bit more has happened and we have more pictures which I hope everybody is still enjoying.

What has happened to me today.....

I was not very good on my oxygen levels this morning so the nice doctors and nurses investigated and found that I had sneezed and managed to block the tubes on my oxygen. I can only say I tried to tell you but you did not listen to me, it is as if I speak Klingon or something. They soon cleaned this up and hovered out my nasal passages, which made a massive difference and all of a sudden my oxygen requirement dropped drastically.

I must also be a big girl now as I did the biggest poo that anybody can ever have seen in the world. Well at least from me. It filled my nappy, leaked out the top, up my leg, through my nice pink babygrow and all over my sheet......Just for Mummy to change you should have seen her face. This is why I try and hide my face in the pictures, how embarrassing, However it serves Mummy right what does she think she is doing eating all that spicy stuff.

However when she managed to get me all cleaned up I got a lovely cuddle again and a really good suck on my special CPAP friendly dummy, very relaxing except when Daddy teases me by trying to take it away. I have also managed to get into my own shop bought babygrow, it is still a little big but I will soon grow into it. It is sized up to 1.4kg or 3lbs. So I have quite a bit of growing room left.

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