Saturday, 2nd February 2002 - Day 170

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Getting there......

  !!!! ..... Countdown to Home Day - 2 days ..... !!!!

Welcome back again everybody to a very brief overview of my last Saturday in the NICU unit at Southmead Hospital, Bristol. Today has been so uneventful really that I do not know where to start. I spent a lot of the morning asleep, so much so that when Mummy and Daddy came in all they did was feed me and then I went promptly back to sleep again. It seems a common occurrence at weekends for some reason..... Mummy and Daddy then went off to do some chores at home and last minute shopping for my homecoming.

Luckily for me in the afternoon Chrissie came in and played with me, lots of singing, music and toys which was good fun while I waited for Mummy and Daddy to arrive to look after me through the night. The rest of the evening went off without anything else happening apart from lots of cuddles with Daddy whose cold was better enough to cuddle me without a mask, and who had not seen me properly for very nearly a whole week. I fed around 10:30 pm and then went to sleep until tomorrow.

I will leave you with a couple of pictures that were taken, but otherwise please hurry along to tomorrow and the real day I am waiting for Monday, home day. Maybe I can persuade the Queen to rename the day Abigail day and we can all have a day off to celebrate. I will get Daddy to write to her when I am home.....

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