Monday, 1st October 2001 - Day 46

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Hello again, unfortunately I have had a very uneventful day really today as I have been sleeping most of the time. Mummy visited on her own in the afternoon and told me that she had bought a new car especially to ferry me around in when I get bigger and can come out of my little room. I can sit in the back and wave to everybody, what fun. My Uncle John also visited, I have not seen him for ages as he has been concerned about passing on infections from my cousin Matthew. It was good to see him and he said that I had changed a lot, so that must be good. Just so long as my bum does not look too big in my clothes I do not mind. I am getting bigger as I was weighed again and now weigh 915 gms or 2lbs exactly.

Mummy and Daddy visited me very late on Monday as Daddy had to work and all they managed to see was more sleeping, I am becoming an expert in this. I could write a book on sleeping. I have a nice new nesty thing to lie in which is great as it keeps me really snug and comfortable.

Sorry there are not many pictures today but I have included one from nearly when I was first born so you can compare the difference from then and now.

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