15th April - 21st April 2002

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Hello again everybody, this week has not been quite so busy as last week but still quite a lot has happened. I have been weighed again and am now up to a whole
12 lbs 4 ozs. I had a trace on Wednesday evening and that was very good as well, I cannot remember the exact details but I would probably have had my oxygen turned down again, if I had been on the current level of 150cc a bit longer. It was also my nurse's last visit today, she is leaving to do a similar job elsewhere. Mummy and I will miss her lots as she has been so nice to me since I came home.I have to wait another week and have another trace just to make sure that I am coping alright on the lower levels. I think I am doing OK but I suppose the doctors know best. They have got me this far after all. I do not know what level it might drop to but it could be down as low as 100cc, hopefully. I cannot wait to get rid of theses tubes and become a normal child like everybody else, people come up to look at me when I go out with Mummy and stick their heads in really close, scary stuff for a little thing like me.

My teeth have been hurting all week as Mummy says that I am teething properly now. I dribble everywhere and my gums hurt a lot. Mummy has told me all about my teeth coming through, but I really wish they did not hurt quite so much. I chew everything I can get in my mouth, dummy's, rings, fingers, Daddy's fingers.... all sorts. I hope these teeth things come through soon as I cannot stand too much more.

Mummy and I went socialising again at the beginning of the week to see Auntie Maria and Uncle Colin, which was fun as they took me shopping. I am getting quite used to this and can see me doing it a lot when I am bigger. On Thursday Auntie Cath visited me and we had lots of fun talking and playing. On Friday we visited Mummy's old work place for her to show me off to all her old colleagues, which was really fun as I met lots of new people. The rest of the week was fairly uneventful but at last I got to see Daddy on Friday and also on Saturday morning (very early) as I did not want to sleep I kept Mummy and Daddy up for most of the night, with teeth and feeding. Daddy has been away all week, apart from a short visit on Wednesday when I had already gone to sleep.... All I do is get to talk to him on the phone, this is great as I can hear and recognise his voice and he can hear me cooing and gurgling back to him. Mummy says I have been getting a louder voice this week and have been making more noise and different sounds. I enjoy cooing and gurgling, especially at Daddy who talks back to me in language I can understand, it means nothing but I do understand. I am also smiling even more now with dimples and everything.

I will leave you with some more of my pictures for the week, hope you enjoy them, see you all soon.

PS Does anybody still think I look like Daddy as I am getting less sure with every passing day....?

sm2002_0418aa.jpg (124816 bytes) sm2002_0418ab.jpg (128310 bytes) sm2002_0418ac.jpg (100985 bytes)
More Pictures Mummy...!!!!!! I will smile, just for you though.... Auntie Cath are you sure you have me ?
I do not feel all that safe...
sm2002_0418ad.jpg (107825 bytes) sm2002_0418ae.jpg (87528 bytes) sm2002_0419aa.jpg (86815 bytes)
Oh good, even more pictures !!!! Auntie Cath is enjoying it so that is OK... Blowing Raspberries, my new trick....
sm2002_0419ac.jpg (80941 bytes) sm2002_0419ad.jpg (88969 bytes) sm2002_0419ae.jpg (85039 bytes)
Do you like my new pink dress, I am getting bigger and can fit in more things now. Mummy, that really is not my best side you know.. Much Better...
sm2002_0419af.jpg (99170 bytes) sm2002_0419ag.jpg (103892 bytes) sm2002_0419ah.jpg (123844 bytes)
Dancing to the music.... My scared rabbit look.... Now who put that rattle over there ?

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