06th May - 19th May 2002

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Hello again all you Abi fans out there. I am sorry that the update has been a whole 2 weeks in coming but Daddy went away last weekend on a Stag Do, whatever one of those is. He came back on Sunday and was too tired to do my website. So this one covers both weeks in one go. I will go over the health things first and then tell you all about what I have been up to for the past fortnight. Well I have been weighed twice, and during the week beginning the 6th May I weighed in at 13lbs 4˝ozs and this week I have increased to a whole 13lbs 8oz. Does anybody remember my old weight graph where I used to take ages to gain a few ounces. Now I seem to just pile it on. Last week I also had a trace done, which was very good again and hopefully next time I might get the oxygen turned down again. Last week I spent 2hrs 3min below 95% and only 1min 50sec below 93% saturation. Everybody thinks this is excellent so I am hopeful that I can get the 100cc turned down even further. I also stopped my Iron medicine this week so Mummy is quite happy as that is one less to measure out. The only down side I seem to have caught this weekend is a really nasty little cough which wakes me up with a start when I am asleep. Hopefully I can get over it soon.

I have been outside a lot in the nice weather and Mummy has been careful to make sure that I do not get too much sun, you should see all my hats. I have great time outside playing on my mat and directing Mummy in the garden. I am getting quite good at it really and could enjoy this a lot. Mummy and I went to see a new friend last week and hopefully when I am a little bigger I can play with her properly, but Alice seems very nice. In the middle of last week I managed to roll over from my tummy to my back for the very first time. I was trying to catch the toy Mummy get teasing me with and it just sort of happened. I am still not that good at it yet but I am getting there slowly.

Mummy and I went away for the weekend to visit Auntie Cath and my cousins. This is great as they all seem to love playing with me and I get even more cuddles than usual. Colin especially played with me a lot and Auntie Cath seems to love playing with me too. We went away because Daddy had gone away for the weekend to be with some of his friends. I missed him a lot and was glad when he came home on Sunday to play with me and feed me. He especially likes my new found vocal talent of proper laughing, especially at him or when I play with his face. Little does he know that I find the size of his nose so big compare to mine that it is just so funny.

Mummy also seems quite please that my eating habits are getting a bit better and I will eat my lunch now without the Fromage Frais to make it taste nicer. It is all those nice Chocolate rewards I get when I do well that are doing the trick.

Hope to see you all soon, Abi.

sm2002_0507aa.jpg (126562 bytes) sm2002_0507ab.jpg (111267 bytes) sm2002_0507ae.jpg (133937 bytes)
This is me with my navity headdress
playing baby Jesus
Attention..... Mum, this hat does not go !
sm2002_0507af.jpg (136807 bytes) sm2002_0507ag.jpg (132692 bytes) sm2002_0507ak.jpg (134293 bytes)
Who turned out the lights Take that mirror away I can see the hat now Calm......!!!!
sm2002_0507an.jpg (101795 bytes) sm2002_0507ap.jpg (112774 bytes) sm2002_0508ab.jpg (114782 bytes)
Stop tickling my feet... Grandpa and I are fine Mummy.. Well I say....where's that hand gone ?
sm2002_0508af.jpg (106883 bytes) sm2002_0508ai.jpg (106770 bytes) sm2002_0509aa.jpg (100207 bytes)
Revenge of the Mutant Veggies.... Now how do I get onto my back ? Peace at last !!!!
sm2002_0509ad.jpg (151266 bytes) sm2002_0512aa.jpg (101526 bytes) sm2002_0515ab.jpg (147671 bytes)
I need this sleep..... Mum I look like Little Bo Peep......
Where are my sheep ?
Look no legs....
sm2002_0516aa.jpg (122532 bytes) sm2002_0516ac.jpg (136136 bytes) sm2002_0516ae.jpg (167005 bytes)
When are you going to cuddle me ? How much more pink can a little girl be ? I really need to chew on this !!!!
sm2002_0516ag.jpg (133125 bytes) sm2002_0516ai.jpg (154186 bytes) sm2002_0517ab.jpg (141443 bytes)
Too close Mum... Now how did I get on my back again 2 ???? Where's the sun gone ?
sm2002_0517af.jpg (142112 bytes) sm2002_0518ab.jpg (96016 bytes) sm2002_0519ai.jpg (119483 bytes)
What happens if I pull this ? Where's my lunch..... Sleep....

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