Saturday, 20th October 2001 - X Rated Abigail

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Well these are the pictures I did not really want published anywhere. Daddy changing my nappy. However I had the last laugh on him. He opened me up and thought oh not too bad. Only a little dirty, then everytime he put my legs back down I would do a little bit more. It took him the best part of 5 cotton wool balls to realise that I was just doing a little more each time. He.. He... Heee, clever little me.

Then I really went to town when he found out and I relaxed properly, what a relief I can tell you. He needed more and more cotton wool balls and multiple nappies, the nurses even had a look and left him to fix me up on his own. That will teach him to call me fat.....

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And for those of a none squeemish disposition scan down to my last picture of today's game with Daddy. Don't forget these are displayed in chronological order. What a clever little thing I am, just keeping Daddy on his toes.







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