Wednesday, 19th September 2001 - Day 34

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This is the start of my 31st week of life, it seems like ages ago I was only a couple of little cells trying to work out which way was up in my Mummy's tummy. Mummy told me that she is feeling a lot better today and that her tummy is beginning to go back to its normal shape.

As you may be able to see in the pictures today I have been able to wear my dress at last, look at the lovely pink & flowered pattern. I was very pleased, especially at the fit, not too tight, small vents to allow easy access to me, just the right length down to my ankle and a matching pink bonnet. What more could a little girl ask for. All I need would be a pair of pink shoes and I will soon attract the eye of Luke across the room.

I had more visitors today who have not seen me before, more relations Daddy told me, my Great Aunt and Uncle and best of all my Great Grandma. I hope they all got a good look as hopefully I will grow lots and they will not see me this small again. I was very pleased that Great Grandma visited as I have been wondering exactly how old some people are and she is up there with the oldest of them. I have such a long way to go to catch up with her and I got to wear my best party frock for them. I will thank the nurse later for putting me in it as I have really wanted to try it on since I first saw it.

I have managed to put on 31grams yesterday so that is good, all we have to do now is keep it up. I have also had all my lines taken out, so no more needles for a while. The morphine, via line, has gone so no more machines and now I get given it into my mouth. What an odd taste it is, I did not realise before. This is all very encouraging for Mummy and Daddy and they told me they were very pleased with me. Lets hope I can keep it up and get my cuddle soon as there still seems to be no sign of it. I am sure Daddy got to hear me cry today for the first time as he put this cold thing on my tummy when I was crying and saw a big smile come across his face. It is not funny Daddy I need someone to move me not just stand there like a lemon, I will have to train him a bit better to read the signs. I like being moved around every so often as then I do not get pins and needles and I hate needles !!!!!!

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